Sunday, April 4, 2010

Goin' Egg Huntin'

This year we attended two egg hunts! We were so fortunate that the weather was PERFECT for both days of egg hunting! The first was on Friday and was held at a community center. The center is really nice, and they have a lot of helpful, fun, and free things that people and families can participate in. Both of the kids were excited about egg hunting, but James was especially because he fully understands that eggs=candy.
Getting ready to hunt for eggs.
The loot
What's in this egg?

Best friends

Our second egg hunt was at our church. The kids had a wonderful time and didn't even mind waking up early to go! Here they are hugging in front of the church:

Waiting for the egg hunting to begin
Samantha helped this little boy by adding an egg to his basket.
Samantha gathered 55 eggs all by herself!!
They had a great time playing with friends, collecting eggs, and showing off their finds!
Overall it was a very excellent and fun couple of days. The kids really had fun and truthfully Andy and I did too! :o)