Sunday, September 23, 2007

James' top ten

I got this idea from a friend's blog and thought it was cute! These are James' current top ten words (things I hear about ALL day long!):

1. "CARS"

This is mostly in reference to "Cars" the Disney movie..."Cars" has made going to Wal-mart absolutely horrible (b/c the Cars merchandise is everywhere), and it has contributed to many a break down.

2. "Baby Sisser"

He loves saying "Hi Baby" and trying to give her her paci.

3. "Elmo"

Is there a child who's not obsessed with him?

4. "Hold me"

This is in reference to something he wants to hold, not to you holding him.

5. "wee"

Also known as "please". He knows to use this whenever he wants something, and thinks that when it's used the answer should be a guaranteed "yes"...after all, he did say "please".

6. "Potty"

Loves to say it and sit on it, but I feel we are far from USING it!

7. "CD"

What can I say? My husband is a MUSIC minister.

8. "Gi-Gi"

This is my mom...sometimes I think he loves her more than me, but Gi-Gi also gives him whatever he wants so why wouldn't he like that more?

9. "Ree"

This is in reference to reading a book.

10. "Opi"

This one took us a long time to figure out because for the longest time we thought he was saying "A bee" (which he was obsessed with for a while). Then, we realized he was saying "open". So, we were trying to teach him to say "o-pen", and I starting saying it really slowly..."O-PEN" and he just looked straight at me and said "O-PI". What can we say? It's cute...and you don't hear anyone in high school saying "opi" instead of "open"...of course you never know, my son might have just created the new "buzz word"...LOL

Tired of TV

So, since little Samantha was born I haven't been out of the house much. James is completely stir CRAZY as he is used to walking (actually he rides, I walk), and playing with his friend Moriah almost everyday. Well, ofcourse since "baby sisser" (as James call her) is still under 6 weeks it's not really possible to get out and do all we used to. Not to mention that the hardest part of having 2 is actually getting out of the house!

Well, since we've been in the house like constantly we've had on the TV a lot...I should say I've had on the TV a lot. And I hate it! However, my son is really great at playing by himself (not that I'm complaining about that), but, just like his daddy, he likes noise. And when the TV is on, he's not watching but listening. Meanwhile I'm watching...which, by the way, I have fallen in love with the backyardigans. They sing and dance and they're just too cute. I guess the root of the problem is longing for adult contact/conversation. I'm involved with mommy groups, but as I said before I'm kinda stuck since little one is under 6 weeks still.

My point is...does anyone have any good reading or activity suggestions so I can stop watching the tube?!?!

Monday, September 17, 2007

How many adults does it take to wash a baby?

I love giving babies a bath. I love the smell of the "calming nighttime" bath wash (and actually had considered once or twice bathing in it myself). Well, after waiting what seemed like forever for Sam's "bellybutton stump" to fall off, Samantha was finally able to take her first real bath! Of course pictures had to be taken to mark the occasion.

Hold me tight Daddy!

What in the world are they doing to me?

Andy had the job of holding her, while I washed and took pictures. For me, it's hard to bathe her without assistance. I mean how can you hold their head and slippery little bodies while washing under their arms and in their neck folds? It'll be easier once she has head control, and much easier when she gets to be James' age and you can just say "OK, raise your arms...good job!" Although James is extremely ticklish on his neck and it's still hard to wash there!!

Where do you go, small socks?

While organizing my daughter's dresser, I became frustrated by where the small socks and headbands should go. With my son, socks floated everywhere. I would be like, "where did all of his socks go?!? Oh, they're hiding under the PJ's". Well, I finally found a solution for those sneaky, small socks, and it even involves recycling!! At my daughter's shower, I received lots of tubs of baby wipes. I didn't want to throw the tubs away, so instead I found households uses for them. It turns out they fit perfectly into drawers, and are wonderful for holding small socks!! I simply popped the top off (for easy access) and placed them in the drawers. The tubs are also fabulous for blocks, crayons, small car toys....the possibilities are endless! Here are my pictures of my daughter's drawer:

There is no escape for the small socks now!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Daddy's Girl

I just had to put on some pictures of "Daddy's little girl" in her "I love Daddy" outfit. And of course I just HAD to put on her pink bow hair band! I mean she's my first girl...I can't resist pink, hairbows, and little shoes!!

I love my boppy!

This is what she thought of the hairbow!

Sam's first day at church

These are a couple of pictures from my baby girl's first day at church. Nana (my mom's mom) bought her the dress, and my mom's neighbor bought her the little booties. Of course everyone at church thought she was precious!

Memories with Pop

This past weekend I went to visit my mom in SC. My Pop (my mom's dad) has a garden in the back of my mom's house. He grows all sorts of stuff back there....tomatoes, squash, bell peppers, and he's always trying something new too. He's an expert at growing things, and he has a home remedy for ANY gardening situation. He once told me that in order to keep ants of your plants all you need to do is put something sticky all over the stem. Unfortunately, I don't think I got his green thumb. In fact, if you saw my plants right now, you would think I had lit them on fire and let them burn to a crisp. Of course we have been going through a drought and our area is on severe water restrictions, but enough of me making excuses for myself...So, while hope is scarce for me, perhaps there's a chance for my son. Below are some pictures of James "assisting" Pop in the garden. To me these pictures are priceless because I know there will come a day when Pop is not with us anymore. When that day comes, I know James will be glad to have these pictures to remind him how much his Pop cared about him.

And perhaps there's hope that my son will one day cut the grass for his parents!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Our First Post!

This is our very first family post! I'm sure our first posts will probably be short b/c we just welcomed our second baby into the world. Samantha Grace was born on Aug 22, 2007 at 8:19 pm. She weighed 7 lbs. 13 oz. and was 18 1/2 inches long.

Our Sweet Baby Girl

Our handsome little boy ~ James on 4th of July

Look for more to come soon!!