Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ms. Piggy-tails

My baby girl finally has enough hair for pig-tails....enjoy the cuteness!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Daddy's girl

Both of our children love their daddy very much, however, I'll admit that Samantha has a certain sparkle in her eyes whenever she sees Andy. I've watched her look at him until he looks back at her, then she smiles and pretends to be shy. When he comes home from work, she rushes to the door and insists on being the first one to kiss him. She loves to sing with him....I'm sure she's shaping up to be a Daddy's girl.

I love Larryboy!

For those who don't know Larryboy, he is from Veggietales. His "secret identity" is Larry the Cucumber. He reminds me of a superman/batman combo. Of course no one recognizes him as Larry the Cucumber just as no one recognized the Clark Kent as Superman with glasses on. Larryboy has become James constant nighttime companion. Our night time routine consists of a story of his choice, a bible story (from his bible), prayers, tucking in, and then the question, "Where is Larryboy?" Then we have to hug and kiss James, and also hug and kiss Larryboy (and James finds it funny when we tell Larryboy it's time to go to sleep, and James says, "No making noise" to him) Here are some pictures with Larryboy....I think it's adorable that he's become so loved...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Psalm 86:12

"I will praise you oh Lord my God with all of my heart." Psalm 86:12
(Fun with sidewalk chalk)

Samantha's little phone

Samantha got a little phone for her birthday from my mom's friend, Christy. She has fallen in love with this phone! The best part is that it lets you record your own message and then the biggest button on the phone plays the message. So, I recorded a little song I made up for her that goes, "Mantha, mantha, mantha, sweet little mantha, Mantha!" (to the tune of Dora, dora, dora the explorer, and "Mantha" becuase that's what James calls her). She absolutely loves it! She plays it, dances with it, and hugs it! So sweet!! Thanks Christy!

Is that butter?

Recently I made waffles for breakfast. I love butter on my waffles, and by that I mean that I possibly like more butter than syrup on my waffles. I know, I know....not healthy...but I don't eat them all the time so I consider it a treat when I do. Anyways, I was making waffles, and I stuck the butter in the microwave for a couple seconds just to soften it slightly. After making waffles, my son (who's every bit of 3, and yes I believe 3 is harder than 2) decided that he didn't want anymore waffle, he wanted cheerios. So, I poured him a very small bowl of cheerios, and then I had to go change Samantha. Well, when I came back after the seconds it took me to change he I noticed something in the corners of James' mouth. At first I thought he'd gotten into icing somewhere, and then I thought, "I don't have any icing." Well, it turned out that my son was dipping his cheerios into the soft butter! I said, "James, I know you didn't" Then, I had to take pictures of the evidence because this story is one for the memory books.

The Evidence...and just for the record he didn't get THAT much butter! The butter was already to the end so I think he must have "dipped" about 3-4 cheerios.

She thinks he's the coolest...

Samantha loves to follow James. She thinks he's the coolest guy out there, and why shouldn't she? He's her big brother! And I must say I think he's a great big brother. He's mostly willing to help her with things, and I think he's just as crazy about her as she is about him. Here's some cute pictures I caught of them together....

catching up...

I didn't realize how much I'd gotten behind on posting pics and telling stories until I started looking through my pictures. So, it's time to catch up! Here we go!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Samantha Walks!

Hey Everybody! Guess What??? I finally learned how to make a video ~ YEAH ME! (Thank you Andy) and Samantha learned how to walk ~ GO GIRL! Here she is...

Hope you all enjoyed our first video!