Friday, July 31, 2009

Learning to sew

Within the last several months I have learned how to sew. I learned from a friend who was from the Czech Republic. She and her husband ended up having to move back and she offered her machine for me to buy (for a great deal! It's cheaper for her to buy a new machine there than it would be for her to buy power adapters for the one she sold me). I accepted her offer, she taught me some basics, and I was on my way! I started out making small pillows for both of the kids, and then I started buying patterns. I bought a very simple pattern for a dress for Samantha. I think it turned out well....

The dress
It's a little big so she'll probably get to wear it next year! (And she's not fussing, she's squinting!)

See? Squinting.
Jael and Samantha. Heather made Jael's dress in the opposite colors that I made Samantha's. Yeah, they were pretty cute...and they knew it!

I've made lots more stuff since this dress, but I'm going to keep you in suspense!! :o)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Vacation, part 3

After leaving Maryland, our final destination before heading home was visiting our friends, The Bible's in Raleigh, NC. Between Andy, myself, our 2 kids, John, Tara, and their 4 kids, it was a full house to say the least! However, the kids got along great, and we had a lot of fun! While we were there, Thomas put the smooth moves on Samantha. One day they were both on the couch together. Thomas stood up on the couch, stuck his arm out, and then slid down and put his arm right behind Samantha. It was absolutely priceless, and a moment I so wish we would've caught on film!! We did go swimming while we were there, and we went out and visited our old stomping ground - Southeastern Seminary. We had a great time together! Thanks John and Tara for putting us up in your house, feeding us yummy meals, and being all around great company!

This was all she wanted to do! Just walk around!

Me and my baby

Samantha and Thomas

Tara and Thomas (she's gonna kill me for putting up her picture, but this one was just too sweet!)

James "swimming" with his floaties

Thomas...he's such a sweety!

The Newsome's and The Bible's back at the place where we met

The Bible family

Our family

The twins...these girls were just babies when we met them!

All of our kids (my two are in the middle)

John & Tara

Andy & I

James and mommy...I'll take those kisses as long as he's willing to give them!

Thanks again Bible's for hosting us! We had a great trip!! Thanks also to my mom and dad that kept our "3rd child", our doggie baby, Gizmo. Giz can't stop talking about all the fun he had with Mater! Thanks to all made our vacation great!!!

Vacation, part 2

As you can see from vacation, part 1, we had an awesome time at the Baltimore Aquarium. On Sunday we were supposed to go into DC, but by then James and Samantha had a fever and we decided it best just to stay in and rest. I really really wish we would've gone into DC, but I know the rest did the kids well and I would've felt awful had they gotten sick in DC. Next time, DC is definitely a must!! So instead, Denise and I took a trip to Joann's and I picked up some "learning to crochet" stuff. (I'm currently working on a blanket, and I got another book to learn how to make those adorable hair clips I bought for Samantha...but that's another post!)

On Monday, Andy went golfing with my Dad and brother, Daniel. They had a great time! They also all 3 played Tiger Woods on the Wii (which is as entertaining to watch as it is to play). Denise and I took the kids (who were feeling much better) out to the pool. They had a blast, and I sooooo wish I would've taken my camera down to the pool! Their pool has a very large kids area where the water is only about a foot and a half deep. At one point James and Samantha had the whole thing to themselves! James was playfully following Samantha and she fell in the water, face down of course! Denise said she had never seen a person move as fast as I moved to lift her out of the water! Ha! I was impressed that when I picked her up that she had actually held her breath and did not cough at all! However, after that she did decide she'd had enough of the water...LOL.

We also took the kids out to the playground in their neighborhood. They had the place to themselves and had a great time climbing and sliding!
Being a cutie
Two peas in a pod...

Being a brave climber

This one's my favorite

I love playgrounds!

I hated that James arm turned out blurry in this shot...they're expressions totally speak to their relationship! So sweet!
Where you go, I go.

Thank you Dad and Denise for taking care of us! We all had so much fun!

Vacation, part 1

For vacation this year we trekked up to Maryland to visit my dad, Jim, and his wife, Denise. We broke-up the trip for the sake of the kids and I was so glad we did! On our way up we stopped for a night with the Barndt's in Wake Forest, NC. Samantha got sick in the car 5 min before their house! Upon pulling over immediately and jumping out of the car, we found that she also had a fever. (This led into her having a virus for about 4 days....of course she'd have a virus on vacation...why not??) Thank you Barndt family for hosting us!! The visit was much too short, but we very much appreciated a place to rest and of course the awesome company. (I CANNOT believe I didn't take any pictures!!!)

The next day we headed the rest of the way to Maryland. We learned that Samantha does not enjoy long car rides, and 4 to 4 1/2 hours is when she's just about had enough! On Saturday we headed out to the aquarium. Thanks so much Denise for getting the tickets to the aquarium and the dolphin show...the kids were amazed!

Samantha playing with Denise's phone at Panera

While we didn't go in ESPN zone, Andy wanted a picture that we walked by it. can take the boy away from his TV, but you can't get the ESPN out of his system!

The aquarium

Samantha playing with Pop-pop

Waiting to get in the aquarium

Thumbs up...ready to go!

Me and my sweety

Here fishy fishy fishy!

James with a whale bone
Samantha and Pop-pop in the tropical area
James and I waiting for the dolphin show to start

Samantha watching the show

Hello sweet dolphin!

James and Pop pop watching the show

A really high jump!

Andy and James in the Inner Harbor

Sweet kisses in the Inner Harbor

To be continued....

Where have I been?

It has been over a month since I have blogged. Exactly where have I been?!?! The answer is I've been around. Mostly home, but around. We did go on vacation in June to Maryland to visit my dad, Jim, and his wife, Denise. Last week we went and visited my mom and dad, Don, while Andy was away in Daytona, FL..."suffering" for Jesus at Big Stuf camp with the youth from our church. I've been twitterin' and facebookin' and doing my newest hobby, sewing.

James is gearing up for Pre-school and starts Sept 8. We go Aug 13 to a parent's meeting to meet his teacher and get the 411 about what this Pre-school stuff is all about. Samantha turns the big 2 very soon! She's doing all sorts of cute things now, but my favorite by far is when you say "I love you" she says "u too"....oh, it melts my heart everytime!!

Well, enough of me talking!! On to the posts with pictures!!!