Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My husband has an obsession...

Almost everyone who "knows" my husband knows he has this thing with stirring.....I don't know why he does it....he just does. When he makes his coffee, when he makes chocolate milk, even when he's making grits, it's like he has to over-stir it to get it "perfect". I (and others) have picked on him for years about it...there have even been times when I've had to give him "a look" or "ahem" to let him know "that's enough! It's stirred!!"

Well, the other day I was video taping Samantha. She used to say "mil" for "milk", and now suddenly she says, "guck" instead. I don't know why she started saying it that way, but it's pretty cute and I knew I better "catch it" before she starts saying it the right way again. So, while video taping her, James asked Andy for chocolate milk. And I caught the "stirring" on tape!!! I played the video back for Andy and he honestly had NO IDEA it was THAT bad!! We laughed so hard I was literally crying. Maybe this will cure his obsessive stirring habit....probably not....but a girl can hope! :o)

(P.s. I got my husband's permission to release this tape to the public BEFORE putting it on the blog!)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Busting a Move

Really, I'm not sure who he gets his moves from, but he definitely has some moves!! :o)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Love is in the air

If there is one thing I know for sure about our family, it's that love is a major part of it. Love isn't just something that's spoken here. Love is lived. Our children know that we love them and not a day goes by that we don't say several times to each other, "I love you." Maybe to some they would say, "When you over say it, it loses it's meaning." That is a myth.

It's true that love is about more than just words..... It's actions too. But to say it out loud leaves a person knowing that the actions are for sure love. That the actions aren't just duty or guilt or a "have to".

The sweetest thing is that both of our children can now clearly express, "I love you." Samantha for quite a while would simply say "oo too". You would say, "Samantha, I love you." And she'd say "oo too". Then suddenly the other day she walked straight up to me, looked at me with her sweet baby cheeks, her gorgeous blue eyes, and said, "Mommy, I la you." My heart melted and I seriously almost cried. I grabbed her up and said, "Mommy loves you too very, VERY much."

James has also taken to regularly saying, "I love my family. I love you and daddy and manfa." (Yes, he STILL calls her "manfa"....she might hurt him later when it sticks). Normally he says it while we're all together for bed time after reading a story or saying our prayers.

Love is spoken and lived here.

Today was a "snow day" here in Georgia. It was recommended for people "not to travel" and James school was canceled. So, this morning we turned on one of James current favorite shows....Tom and Jerry. I find it absolutely hysterical that he loves Tom & Jerry, and even more hysterical that he asked Andy, "Daddy, when do the new episodes of Tom & Jerry come on?" :o)

While watching Tom & Jerry, Andy laid down in the floor to stretch out. As soon as he laid down, Samantha was scooting herself off the couch and into the floor. Without any prompting from us, she climbed onto Andy's back and watched the rest of Tom & Jerry like this:

Then later on, I caught this pic. While it's a little blurry, I think you can see on her face how she feels about him.

I also couldn't resist catching this shot:

I had been stirring something, and as soon as James saw me he wanted to stir. (He loves to help me "cook"). Well of course as soon as Samantha knew James was stirring she HAD to be too. So there they were.... the two of them, chairs pushed over, helping each other stir. To top it all off as soon as I grabbed my camera I heard James smack his lips and say, "Hmm, this is pretty good." (He thinks stirring is all you have to do to cook something....I love it!)

So, there you have it.....can you feel the love?

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I have another Blog....

No, I am not cheating on this blog....the two blogs know each other and have met. And I'm not giving up on this blog (although considering my huge amount of recent posts...). My new blog is at SimplySweetSamantha.blogspot.com. I created it to try and seperate my sewing projects from the family stories....because some would rather see just pics of the kids here ;o). So, feel free to check out the new blog if you wish. Again, it's mainly about my projects and my Etsy store stuff. Hope you enjoy both!! :o)