Wednesday, May 14, 2008

8 months old...where did the time go???

Samantha is 8 months old now...I can't hardly believe it!!

What's new with Samantha...
~Her eyes are still blue, and the Dr. believes that will most probably stay that way
~ She sits up very well
~She rolls everywhere she wants to go, and can pull her body around in order to roll the way she wants.
~She is very much a momma's girl and has some stranger anxiety
~She "talks" a lot
~She thinks her brother is super funny and very interesting
~She loves to be sung to

This is Jael and Samantha...they were born on the same day, so they're both 8 months old!

You make bath time lots of fun!

We just recently felt comfortable enough with Samantha's sitting abilities that we decided it was time for the dual bath time. It's been really funny watching them together! I'm thankful that James and Samantha did so well with being together, except for the fact that there is now double the splashing!!

She sings like her daddy...

Andy always jokes about "eating the microphone" when he sings. Well, when I caught Samantha doing the same thing I couldn't resist capturing it on film!

I'm not sure what she's singing, but it sounds like "ahhh"

Where is my audience?

Daddy tries to help me sing the right note.

But I decided he was trying to hog the microphone!

They were so cute together!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

New things...

Here are some new things James has said lately:
Me: James, what do you want to be when you grow up?
James: Taller
"You're a stinker"
James: Where you goin, Chell?
Me: Excuse Me?
James: Where you going, Chell?
Me: I'm mommy to you.
James: Oh, Where you goin, mommy?
"One second"
When his balloon went flat: "uh-oh, it not flyin no more"
"Manfa's cute."

7 months old

These are pictures from 7 months old!
Things she can do:
~She can sit up without assistance
~Loves anything to play with, except her toys (notice the measuring cups in the picture)
~She makes a new face where she tucks in her bottom lip (pic below)
~She eats like a horse, but has not gained much weight...The Dr told me to put margarine in her rice cereal so she would have some fat intake!
~She loves to say "dada"

I think he's so cool...for now...

At this moment, Samantha and James get along beautifully...of course, Samantha has yet to make a move for his toys...but at least for now, James adores her and she thinks he's the coolest kid ever. She watches him all the time and if he's in the floor, she wants to be right next to him. Hence, the following pictures...

"Hey mommy"

What's he doin with that thing?

I'm wearing glubs!

James never ceases to make us laugh...even when we really shouldn't be laughing. For example, one night we had just put James to bed, and we could hear him in his room moving and talking to himself. Before going back there we called down the hall, "James, go to bed" to which we got the usual "uh-uh". So, I went back there to tuck him back in, and give instructions on staying in bed and why, and this is what I found....

I said (stifling a laugh), "James, what are you doing?"

James: "I'm wearing glubs (gloves) mommy, see?"

Me: "James, those are your socks...they need to be on your feet."

James: "No, they're glubs, see?" (displays that they're gloves by making pinching motions with them)

I couldn't take it...I just had to laugh!

Easter Egg Hunt

This was James' first time actually hunting Easter Eggs....he had a blast! (and we did too!)

Daddy helping to find the eggs

Moriah and James hunting together
(notice her ballerina dress she insisted on wearing...isn't it adorable?

What exactly is inside these eggs?
It's a jelly bean!
Eating "empty tomb" biscuits

Meanwhile, Samantha and Jael were getting some eggs of their own
I wonder if her eggs taste the same as mine?

We had a great time hunting for Easter eggs...I'm sure next year will be even more fun!

Daddy's so funny!

I love getting kisses from Daddy!