Saturday, December 22, 2007

James and Moriah

James and Moriah are best friends. They were born a little over a month apart and are both patriotic holiday babies (He's Memorial Day weekend, and she's 4th of July). They have a totally typical 2 year old relationship. One minute they love each other and the next they're fighting like brother and sister. These pics were taken during their Christmas pics. We got there at the end of Moriah's pictures and she just had to have her picture taken with James before she would do anything else! I think they love each other...what do you think?

Pop's 80th Birthday

On Nov. 20th my Pop turned 80! My mom threw him a surprise party, and yes, he was totally surprised!!

The Cake
Pop blowing out his candles. We opted for the ones the said "80" instead of putting 80 on the cake :o)
My mom, Nana, and Sam
My Pop serving others at HIS birthday. This shows you the kind of person he is!
My mom and my brother, David
James said if there's cake, I'm there!


Meanwhile, Samantha was trying to round up a date :o)
And here's a pic just to show you the kind of energy my Pop has at 80...
Rolling around with my son in the floor!

Putting my daughter to sleep

Happy 80th Birthday Pop!!

Thanksgiving Photos

I know I'm so behind with my pictures!! This past month has been crazy and for me it feels like Thanksgiving just happened yesterday!!!!

Andy's sister, Robin, holding , her daughter, Brianna and Samantha.

Robin's son, Blake, holding Samantha.

Andy's grandma (Mama) holding Sam

My Nana with Sam

Our family

Making Memories with Crabs

Eating crabs is apart of our family tradition. My mom and I love them, and for as long as I can remember my Pop has been steaming them. My grandparents now live in Easley, SC, but they used to live in Baltimore. I would go up there every summer to visit them, and normally my visits somehow included eating crabs. My Pop used to steam them in his basement. He would let me stand on a chair while they crawled around in a cooler on the floor. I stood on the chair in case one accidentally got away while making its way to the pot. Those things are fast and you don't want to get pinched by them!! Well, now that my grandparents live in Easley crabs are a rare and special treat. We can only get them when the fish market gets them in. My mom is a regular at the market, and the lady actually calls her when they get in live male crabs so she can have first pick! (and yes, they have to be male...we don't eat females :o)). When we went home last, my mom got one of those special calls! We got crabs!! So, my mom picked them up and took them over to my Nana and Pop's and suddenly all of these memories came flooding back to me. I thought, "How special is it that my son gets to experience the same thing I used to at his age?" So, of course that lent itself to photographic moments!

There's one of the tasty ones now...they're a grayish-blue until they're cooked, then they turn red.
My son watching from Gi-Gi's lap as Pop shows him a crab. They were on ice so the were technically "asleep", but once they warm up they "wake -up". James didn't like that this one was starting to wake-up and move it's claws.

Waiting to be cooked!

Yum, yum...I know my mom is getting hungry for them just looking at this picture!! (I am too!!)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Hey Dad, I saw CSI was in Vegas again!

Love you :o)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

More Images from My Favorite Place ~ The Beach

James and Moriah playing in the sand
Samantha the beach babe
James loved it! He had sand from head to toe!!
Watching the waves
Me and Sam...that's mine they're building behind

Beach bums...Samantha and Jael

James getting his feet wet!!

My Son's First BK Hat

While on our way to the beach, we stopped at a Burger King to eat. It wasn't what we wanted, but believe it or not it's one of the VERY few eating places between Atlanta and Florida! We were all starving, so we stopped at BK. While we were there, James was able to get an old school BK hat...just like the ones I used to get when I was little. Trust me, the cardboard hat made the two-year-old's day! Who says they need expensive toys?

Fall Festival

OK, so now I'm really backtracking!!! For Fall Festival James dressed in a football jersey and Samantha went as a pea. Yes, a pea...there's a story....

My friend Heather and I met because our husbands are both ministers at Rehoboth. My son, James, and her daughter, Moriah, are only a little over month apart in age. Well, last November we BOTH found out we were expecting again. My due date was Aug 19 and hers was Aug 20. We also happened to go to the same Dr. because I had asked her previously about where she went (since we live in the same area and our insurance is the same). We ended up BOTH having girls. They were BOTH born on the SAME day, in the SAME hospital, and delivered by the SAME Doctor. If that's not wild, I don't know what is.

So, for Fall Festival we dressed up both girls as "Two Peas in a Pod." It really was cute! Even though the costumes swallowed them both, and were made of hot fleece when the temp that night was around 70.

All of the staff kids

Samantha and James

Samantha and Jael ~ Two Peas in a Pod


James eyeing "the goods" ~ James loves Ms. Marie!!

Colonel Sanders, his wife, and their son, the chicken ~ Our Friends Britton and Pam and their son, Barrett

Our Trunk for Trunk or Treat ~ Sponsored by our Bible Fellowship class

This is what it's all about!

A Visit With Grandpa

Before we went to the beach my dad and his wife Denise came to visit us from Maryland. Here are some pictures from their stay....

New toys brought by grandpa

Grandpa reading to James (without his glasses so he was making up most of it)

Grandpa reading "Tractors" to James (Currently one of his favorite books)

We enjoyed the visit, Dad and Denise! Hope to see you all again soon!!

Musical Genius?

Most everyone knows that my husband is a music minister. He loves music...and I mean LOVES! He could talk about it all the time (if I let him). Of course it would be interesting to see his choice between music and ESPN....I'm sure ESPN would be a close second. There is no denying that Andy is passionate about what he does...both the music and the ministry part. Well, when I was pregnant with James, he would move every time Andy sang. I mean we'd be sitting in church, Andy would be singing, and James would be moving so much it was like he was dancing in the womb. Anyways, nowadays James is just as crazy about music as he was then! (Isn't it amazing how his personality was the same in the womb as it is now...that's a whole other blog!) James loves to sing, dance, and play instruments. His current favorite songs are:

1. "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" ~ VeggieTales

2. The Backyardigans Opening Song

3. "Oh, Where Is My Hairbrush?" ~ VeggieTales

4. "Twinkle. Twinkle Little Star"

5. "Jesus Loves Me"

Here are some pictures of him showing off his musical talent:

What can I say? Like Father, Like Son...

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Our Trip to the Beach

This trip was our first ever family vacation. We had taken James to the beach before, however, the trip was for a Seniors church beach trip and he hated it! He was only 9 months old at the time of his first beach trip. He was scared of the water and did not like the feel of the sand.

Well, this trip was TOTALLY different. He loved the water, loved the sand, and we had to drag him away crying both days we were there because he wanted to stay! I really think he would have stayed without us!! (Side Note: Whenever we try to prompt him to follow us by saying, "okay James, mommy and daddy are leaving" He simply waves at us and says "bye"). Here are pics from our adventure in the sand and sun:

James and I doing "nosies"

James plays with my flip flops, while Sam chills under an umbrella

Me and my baby girl

Us at a nice dinner together

James tempting the waves

This sand stuff sure is cool

This is the life