Monday, November 10, 2008

Not me

Here it is again! My Not Me Monday post! Check out the home of the original "Not Me" at!
~We did not drive 6 hours down to Florida this past weekend just to visit our great friends Kyle and Leah.
~The other day at lunch Samantha did not start eating before everyone else and stop eating after everyone did. She does not eat more food than I have ever seen a toddler eat before.
~ James is not a picky eater who eats way less than his 2-year-younger sister. He would never pass up eating for playing.
~ I did not get cranky with my husband the other day. I would never ever have a sour attitude. Nope, not me.
~ Kyle and Andy did not beat Leah and I at Cranium. We did not laugh our heads off.
~ I did not NOT take a single picture while we were in Florida. I would not let the cuteness of how attached my kids got to Kyle and Leah slip by without taking a single photograph.
~ I do not want to go shopping in the worst way but I'm trying to be really good and not stray from our budget. I do not want to throw every single one of my clothes away and start over.
~I do not feel like my kids are dressed better than I am. I am not jealous of my daughter's really cute little blue jeans, and I do not wish they came in my size.
~I did not go to my local Kroger today and find out that they are REARRANGING the entire store. I did not experience a total feeling of anxiety at having to learn the entire store all over again. No, not me....I would never get nervous about something so silly!
That's it!! That's my NOT ME!! Thanks to our friends Kyle and Leah for having us in their home this past week. We love you guys and miss you already! We'll see you soon!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Not Me...Nope, not me!

Welcome to my VERY first NOT ME post! I found this little bit of "therapy" thanks to my friend Jackie. The home of the original Not Me is at It's a great site and one I have fallen in love with.

All you have to remember is that this post is heavily laden with sarcasm...hope you enjoy!

~I have not been staying up later because of daylight savings time, convincing myself that I somehow have more time to sleep (even though I don't).

~I did not clean up the house to just have the kids destroy it five minutes later.

~I did not allow my kids to eat cereal for dinner b/c neither one of them would touch the chili I made.

~I have not become obsessed with and I am not checking my budget everyday to make sure we're on track.

~I did not video my daughter crying today because I wouldn't let her play in the bathroom. I would not record a tantrum because that might be encouraging it.

~I did not go to the pediatrician today without a shower, and then just decide not to shower all day long.

~I am not sitting at my computer right now at midnight thinking maybe I should take a shower because I am not getting up at 6:30 to go vote! *edit* Just so you know I actually didn't get up at 6:30 to go vote...instead I went at 11:30 when Andy got home from voting. Because I simply would not rather sleep in than get up at 6:30!

Join in on Not Me Mondays!! It's fun free therapy!