Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The crib

We've been very fortunate with James and all of our recent transitions with Samantha. For example, one of my biggest worries was about James transitioning from the crib to a "big boy" bed. I had heard horror stories about toddlers becoming very attached to their cribs and not wanting to "let go" or "give up" THEIR crib to someone else. Andy and I decided to move James to his bed about 8 weeks before Samantha was scheduled to arrive. He took to his bed beautifully. Of course we had our bumps in the road....James discovering that he had the freedom to leave his bed (even at 3 AM, if desired), training him to nap (why should I lay down when I'd rather play with toys in my room?), and helping him to go to sleep even when mommy and daddy are still up (Shouldn't I be awake EVERY hour mommy and daddy are?). Even with all of these things, as soon as he went to "his bed" that was it! I even tried to get him to nap a few times in his crib after transitioning just because I REALLY needed him to sleep so I could rest (I know...not a good idea), but he DID NOT want to be in his crib anymore. And when he was threatened with returning to his crib if he did not nap in his bed, he chose to nap in his bed.

Well, then Samantha came along and I thought, "Here is the real test...another person in HIS crib." But there was nothing...no jealousy, no "my crib", no possession over the room, nothing. In fact, he enjoys propping himself up on the side of the crib to look at her, and he knows that's where "manfa sleeps". The other day Samantha woke-up from her nap, and cried out to let me know she was awake. James said, "Uh-oh, I get manfa" and went "shwish" (with a superman motion) down the hall to get her (Of course he didn't actually "get her"...I am the mommy after all). Anyways...there has only been one time this entire 6 months of Samantha's life that he's even wanted to be in the crib, and he wanted to be in it with her. So, here are some picks from the crib.....
Giving her a kiss

Cheesin it up

Awww...they held hands!


Justin & Gi said...

SO SO CUTE! Don't you love when they love each other!
Good job mommy transitioning James to his big bed! :)

Amanda said...

Aww, those pics are darling! How cute that he wanted to be in the crib with her! Seems like you've had a good transition from one to two. I'm sure I'll be asking you a lot of questions once that time comes for us.