Monday, November 3, 2008

Not Me...Nope, not me!

Welcome to my VERY first NOT ME post! I found this little bit of "therapy" thanks to my friend Jackie. The home of the original Not Me is at It's a great site and one I have fallen in love with.

All you have to remember is that this post is heavily laden with sarcasm...hope you enjoy!

~I have not been staying up later because of daylight savings time, convincing myself that I somehow have more time to sleep (even though I don't).

~I did not clean up the house to just have the kids destroy it five minutes later.

~I did not allow my kids to eat cereal for dinner b/c neither one of them would touch the chili I made.

~I have not become obsessed with and I am not checking my budget everyday to make sure we're on track.

~I did not video my daughter crying today because I wouldn't let her play in the bathroom. I would not record a tantrum because that might be encouraging it.

~I did not go to the pediatrician today without a shower, and then just decide not to shower all day long.

~I am not sitting at my computer right now at midnight thinking maybe I should take a shower because I am not getting up at 6:30 to go vote! *edit* Just so you know I actually didn't get up at 6:30 to go vote...instead I went at 11:30 when Andy got home from voting. Because I simply would not rather sleep in than get up at 6:30!

Join in on Not Me Mondays!! It's fun free therapy!


Dominey Family said...

Hey, we don't know each other but I read your comment on another site "Hannah's Prayer" about disciplining and I thought you might be interested in Michael and Debi Pearls books. "To Train Up a Child" and "No Greater Joy-Volumes 1 through 3" They are on their website The books go hand-in-hand with your new approach. They are great, I highly recommend them.

A + J said...

I'm so excited that you participated in Not Me Monday!! Her blog is great!

Oh,'re it! See my blog for details.