Saturday, December 6, 2008

Having fun outside

We decided to go out this week and have some fun in the yard. James doesn't need much to keep him entertained outside....we have a nice hill out back, so he grabbed his baseball and was ready to go toss it and then chase it down the hill. (Who says we need big expensive toys, right? The cheap little ones seem to remain the favorites!) We had a really great time, and got some nice pictures too!

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Caroline said...

These are the cutest kids I've seen in a long time (except of course my own :)!!!! I was just getting updates on all my pastor's wife prodigies (did I spell that right? and are you really a prodigy????? um...okay, I just checked the thesaurus and, no offense, but you aren't a prodigy, you're a PROTEGE!!!) Anyway, I was checking up on you :) and wanted to not only say hello, but tell you that your children are GORGEOUS!!! Oh, tell Andy that I'm singing in choir this Sunday for THE FIRST TIME since we left Six Forks! (We're singing a great version of Joy to the World... I'm still sitting next to the best alto singer so I know what I'm doing...I hate it when they start in on that "Um, is that a G or an A flat? Hmmm, that sounds like a minor key..." I'm like, "Oh yeah, that's definitely a G" I'm such an imposter!) Okay, so time for me to run. Rachel has to learn the 10 commandments by next week - not only for class but so I can enforce the law around here a little better. There is too much murder, theft, and parent dishonoring going on in the Barndt house :o)