Tuesday, October 6, 2009

All things Etsy ~ Grand Opening of my Store!

Hi all! I just wanted to let you all know that I have opened an Etsy store! Etsy.com is a place where you can find all things handmade. It allows crafters to come together and sell their items all from the same place! Do you remember those cute crochet clips I got for Samantha? They were from an Etsy store called Briar.Claire.

Well, as I said I have now opened my own Etsy store! Here it is!


I only have a couple of items on there right now, and I'm slowly adding things day by day. I also have a custom request listing on the site in case you are looking for something specific! Below are a couple of pictures of what you'll find there!


tug-tugandnor-nor's mommy said...

I got to your blog by way of Beth's. LOVE those pillows.

Brenda, Brantley, and Bellman said...

Congratulations Michelle!! These are incredible! I love them. I will definitely pass your store on to friends. All of us (including REGGIE) send our love to all of you (including GIZMO)!!