Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My husband has an obsession...

Almost everyone who "knows" my husband knows he has this thing with stirring.....I don't know why he does it....he just does. When he makes his coffee, when he makes chocolate milk, even when he's making grits, it's like he has to over-stir it to get it "perfect". I (and others) have picked on him for years about it...there have even been times when I've had to give him "a look" or "ahem" to let him know "that's enough! It's stirred!!"

Well, the other day I was video taping Samantha. She used to say "mil" for "milk", and now suddenly she says, "guck" instead. I don't know why she started saying it that way, but it's pretty cute and I knew I better "catch it" before she starts saying it the right way again. So, while video taping her, James asked Andy for chocolate milk. And I caught the "stirring" on tape!!! I played the video back for Andy and he honestly had NO IDEA it was THAT bad!! We laughed so hard I was literally crying. Maybe this will cure his obsessive stirring habit....probably not....but a girl can hope! :o)

(P.s. I got my husband's permission to release this tape to the public BEFORE putting it on the blog!)


Heather said...

You just brought the Burley family 58 seconds of entertainment! Jason and I were both dying laughing!

W and Js mommy said...

bahaaaaa Jordan and I turned the TV on Mute and watched!!! Haaaaaaaaaaa we like how it stopped then started again! HAAAAA
Oh and we have both witnessed the extra stirring of the grits at Waffle House! :)