Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Our Trip to the Beach

This trip was our first ever family vacation. We had taken James to the beach before, however, the trip was for a Seniors church beach trip and he hated it! He was only 9 months old at the time of his first beach trip. He was scared of the water and did not like the feel of the sand.

Well, this trip was TOTALLY different. He loved the water, loved the sand, and we had to drag him away crying both days we were there because he wanted to stay! I really think he would have stayed without us!! (Side Note: Whenever we try to prompt him to follow us by saying, "okay James, mommy and daddy are leaving" He simply waves at us and says "bye"). Here are pics from our adventure in the sand and sun:

James and I doing "nosies"

James plays with my flip flops, while Sam chills under an umbrella

Me and my baby girl

Us at a nice dinner together

James tempting the waves

This sand stuff sure is cool

This is the life

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Justin & Gi said...

YOu all look so good! What a fun thing to do---go to the beach! I think that we will be trying this as soon as the winter gives into spring!
thanks for sharing!
L, Gi