Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Samantha and Jael celebrate one year...

For those who have not heard the story of Samantha and Jael, I will share it with you. Heather (Jael's mom) and I walked together almost everyday while we were pregnant. Our firstborns, Moriah and James, are good friends, so we would walk at one of the local parks and then let the kids burn some energy on the playground. Our due dates were one day apart, and we would remark about how funny it would be to be in the hospital together. Well, as our due dates came and went, Heather was scheduled for an induction and I was told to keep waiting (ugh!). Heather was scheduled for her induction on Aug 22nd. Well, we walked our usual 3 miles on the 21st and remarked about the UNBELIEVABLY hot weather (we STILL cannot believe we were crazy enough to walk in it) and about how we now knew who would deliver first. I told her I guess I would be coming to visit her in the hospital and begging them to induce me while I was there! Well, very early in the morning of the 22nd I began to feel some twinges, and I thought, "I cannot really be going into labor". I woke-up Andy at about 5 AM, who thought I was joking with him at first. I shook him again and said, "no, I'm serious"...that got his attention. I told him to lay back down...the pain was not that bad or close together so I was going to walk the house and see what happened. I've never had false labor, but there's a first time for everything. At about 7 AM I texted Heather and said, "You won't believe this...I'm in labor" She texted back, "I don't believe it" At about 10 I called my Dr's office who said to lay still and see if the contractions progressed or the pain got worse...both happened. I called back at 11 and they said, "Come on in when you can...we'll have a bed waiting." Well, at around 3:21 pm little Jael was born, and at 8:19 pm Samantha was born. They were born on the same day, in the same hospital, and delivered by the same Doctor. Their births took place 2 rooms from each other...almost exactly 5 hours apart!

Fast forward a year later, and they are now little one year olds. We knew that they would be celebrating their actual birthdays in different places, so we just had to take them out together with a cake for them to celebrate! Here are the pics....Their "birthday story" is still unbelievable a year later!!

Samantha and Jael...Oooo, it's cake!
Cautiously touching the cake
Going for it!

James and Moriah

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