Monday, October 20, 2008

Is that butter?

Recently I made waffles for breakfast. I love butter on my waffles, and by that I mean that I possibly like more butter than syrup on my waffles. I know, I know....not healthy...but I don't eat them all the time so I consider it a treat when I do. Anyways, I was making waffles, and I stuck the butter in the microwave for a couple seconds just to soften it slightly. After making waffles, my son (who's every bit of 3, and yes I believe 3 is harder than 2) decided that he didn't want anymore waffle, he wanted cheerios. So, I poured him a very small bowl of cheerios, and then I had to go change Samantha. Well, when I came back after the seconds it took me to change he I noticed something in the corners of James' mouth. At first I thought he'd gotten into icing somewhere, and then I thought, "I don't have any icing." Well, it turned out that my son was dipping his cheerios into the soft butter! I said, "James, I know you didn't" Then, I had to take pictures of the evidence because this story is one for the memory books.

The Evidence...and just for the record he didn't get THAT much butter! The butter was already to the end so I think he must have "dipped" about 3-4 cheerios.


Brianna said...

That's so funny. Laura Anne loves butter, too. She has asked on more than one occasion, "mommy, can I have butter on my spoon?" :o)


That is so cute. I cannot wait to see them. They are so big!