Friday, October 24, 2008

I love Larryboy!

For those who don't know Larryboy, he is from Veggietales. His "secret identity" is Larry the Cucumber. He reminds me of a superman/batman combo. Of course no one recognizes him as Larry the Cucumber just as no one recognized the Clark Kent as Superman with glasses on. Larryboy has become James constant nighttime companion. Our night time routine consists of a story of his choice, a bible story (from his bible), prayers, tucking in, and then the question, "Where is Larryboy?" Then we have to hug and kiss James, and also hug and kiss Larryboy (and James finds it funny when we tell Larryboy it's time to go to sleep, and James says, "No making noise" to him) Here are some pictures with Larryboy....I think it's adorable that he's become so loved...

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