Thursday, February 5, 2009

Playing with Daddy

Sometimes I look at all of the pictures in my files and reminisce about my kids... their growth, things we've done, holidays....and then it hits me....there are almost no pictures of me with my children! Why? Because I guess like many moms, we're often behind the lens catching the moments. I am, however, fortunate enough to catch moments of my husband with our children. I love to watch him playing with them, and I totally understand how "daddy" play is different from "mommy" play. "Daddy" play almost always involves rolling in the floor, tackling, flying in the air, playing air guitar, and making funny noises. "Mommy" play usually involves reading with special voices, counting things, discovering play dough, and silly dancing. Well, when you have a girl, some things about normal "daddy" play with a boy have to alter slightly. For example, Samantha recently thought it would be fun to play purses with daddy. I almost could not contain myself when she handed him her little purse and keys as if to say, "here daddy, you have a try. It's fun!" And of course my husband being the wonderful MAN he is joined right in and helped our princess with her purse.

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