Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What's "wrong"

After my last post titled "NO TV Monday", I thought some people might think it wrong of me to "deny"my family TV for a day. So, that got me thinking about things that are REALLY "wrong" so that I can shift your mind away from the former:

(Think sarcastic "oh that's so wrong!")

What's "wrong" is that our kitchen center light has been out for months.

What's "wrong" is that we have not replaced it because it is too high up and would require us buying a ladder to fix it, and we're too cheap to buy a ladder just to fix a bulb.

What's "wrong" (and my mom will really appreciate this in a "that's my girl" sort of way) is that I got out of bed at 1:30 AM just because I could not get my mind off of that really stinky diaper Samantha had earlier, and I could not stand it being in the house even one second longer.

What's "wrong" is that then, since I was already getting the diapers, I decided, "I might as well get the rest of the trash"

What's "wrong" is that while getting the rest of the trash I accidentally spilled paper pieces onto the floor while emptying the shredder. Then I had to go get a broom to sweep up said pieces at 1:45 AM!

(I can see my mom smiling now)

So, there you go....some things that are "wrong" just in case you needed it to shift your mind away from "No TV Monday.... :0)

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Justin & Gi said...

very cute Michelle...very clever post!