Saturday, May 9, 2009


Has it really been two weeks since I've posted anything?? I swear sometimes I feel like we are so busy, and other times I feel like we're always doing the same old thing. There's honestly just not much to report!

James is about to be turning 4 on May 26. We're talking about birthday party plans, and the birthday "theme" seems to change everyday! One day he wants a Madagascar (jungle) party, the next day he wants another Cars party, and then he'll want something else all together! There are a lot of people we know with birthdays in May, and he keeps asking when it's his turn. I keep giving him the same answer, "soon". He has also become obsessed with when our community pool is opening. He asks every time we leave the neighborhood if it's open and can we swim now? I keep telling him the same answer as above, "soon". :o)

Samantha is 20 months old now. She has such an opinion of her own! James is coming out of "terrible threes" and I think she's entering "terrible twos".....well, as long as one is off while the others on, I guess we'll be ok! She is saying quite a bit and I think more than James did at this age. She tries attempting lots of words, and sometimes it really sounds like she's trying to communicate whole stories and just can't get out the words right! She is a total Daddy's girl through and through. She wants to be the first one to hug him when he comes through the door, and she tries her best to get his attention throughout the day. Of course he loves it! He's so wrapped around her little chubby finger! I feel that disciplining her is going to be hard for him.

Both of our kids amaze us with their personality differences, and especially how their personalities are so evident from birth! James has always been a people person. As a baby he went to anyone that would hold him, as a toddler he would smile and wave at anyone, and as a growing little boy he can make friends with ANYONE in seconds flat. He's not at all shy to just walk up to a kid and say, "You want to play with me?" He does not at all discriminate (don't we wish adults were this way?) when finding a friend to play with, and I kid you not EVERY TIME we leave anywhere he'll say, "I made a new friend today"...and he really did. However, Samantha is slightly reserved. She wants to check you out before she befriends you, and she's extremely loyal once she falls for you. She knows exactly what she wants and she's not going to give up until she gets it. Of course she can't always have everything she wants, so sometimes we get a good fit every now and then. She pretty much has a good fuss until she notices your not paying attention or giving in, and then she'll run off to find James and see what he's doing. She loves her brother too, and she follows him everywhere. I often joke that if you're looking for Samantha, just go find James....she won't be far behind.

Andy just recently had his 29th birthday. We didn't do anything special (He didn't really want to celebrate...I guess we're saving up for the big 3-0!!). But we were able to get him a grill with the birthday money we got. He made steaks tonight (a birthday gift from a choir member), and I made baked potatoes. It was so nice to split up the cooking and only have half the responsibility. He's excited about cooking, and I'm excited he wants to cook! Ha!

Me? I'm just preparing myself for James going to pre-school this fall (yes, I think it will take this much preparation), and trying to learn new hobbies. I started sewing and I'm about to finish my first little dress for Samantha. I'd also like to some how do something with photography or perhaps something artsy...I really want to do something creative like that. I love looking at other's photographs and I'd really like to be able to do that myself! I'm also pretty excited about just Samantha and I spending time together when James goes to school. I rarely (if ever) have her all by herself, and I think it will be fun for it just to be mother and daughter 4 days a week. Also, while I am nervous about pre-school, I know it's going to be good for James and I know he's ready. It will be very different (more for me) since he's spent the last 4 years of his days home with me, but he's excited and now when we drive past where he's going to be going to school he says, "Is it time for me to go to school yet?" (Poor know my answer....he's always waiting on something!)

And one last thing....
Does anyone else get anything but silly pictures from their almost-4-year-old?

This is the bulk of what I'm getting from James right now...

Wow....that's quite a bit considering there was "not much to report"! Ha!! :o)


Heather said...

Ha ha! I love the pictures even if they are silly! He's so cute!

BigEasy said...

Wow, the kids are growing up! Samantha reminds me of Zachary, with the shyness and occasional fits.

Love you guys, and hope you are well!