Monday, May 31, 2010

James Turns 5

I can't believe that this past week my baby turned 5 years old! It seems like only yesterday that this picture was taken....

Here are pictures of James and Samantha on his actual birthday.

A couple days later we had his party at a bounce place called KangaZoom. I cannot say enough positive things about this establishment! First of all, the staff was friendly and helpful. Second, the kids had a BLAST! I could hardly get pictures because everyone was zooming aroun so fast! All together James had 14 friends there, and I think they all had fun....and that's all that really matters!
Here's James scurrying up the bouncy slide (he's in the black shirt and blue jean shorts).
The "friends" all in a line!
Samantha and Jael - How do we climb up this thing?
Pausing so mommy can get a picture!
Carrie and Josiah
Jael.....she loved this bouncy ball!
Laurie and Heather - both with their girls! (Heather is due in one more week!)
Yummy food time!

Jack and Carrie and Josiah
Moriah and James
Opening presents

Family picture
With his number 5
It really was a wonderful day! James even told us he wants his birthday there next year too!
Happy Birthday sweet boy!! Mommy and Daddy love you VERY much!

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w and js mommy said...

Happy HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sweet James! We love you too!