Monday, May 10, 2010

My 2nd grocery trip using my new coupon system...

Recently I started using I didn't write about the first trip b/c it didn't turn out as well as I had hoped. The first trip didn't go very well because I went without educating myself beforehand. Also, the was my first experience shopping at Publix. I have been a committed "Kroger-only" shopper for quite a while, and now thanks to I am broadening my shopping horizons in the name of saving. :o) So, the first trip I ended up with a couple of things, but nothing to write home about.

My second trip ended up a lot better! First of all, I watched the tutorials on the website.....VERY helpful. Second, I recruited help! My friend Carrie (you can go see her blog here) let me know when she was going to Publix, and I was able to meet her there and SEE her list in action. This was also very helpful, and also built my confidence so I know next time (when I go it alone) that I am doing things right!

So, now the fun part!! THE TOTALS!

What did I get?
10 boxes of cereal
2 jars of Ragu
1 box of Pasta
1 coffee creamer
2 Dove deodorants
1 jar of Hellman's mayo
14 Yoplait yogurts
4 boxes of Pop Tarts
Large sized distilled vinegar
Total (without coupons or savings): $77.36
Coupons and Savings: $45.82
MY TOTAL: $32.04!

I was pleased with the results and I'm excited about my next trip! Carrie said it just gets better as you go!! Thanks again Carrie!!

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The Burleys said...

Yay for you! I just love couponing! I'm also jealous you have a Publix. That's the best place to get deals, and unfortunately, we don't have one around here. Southern Savers is fabulous, by the way! If the SS lady is ever doing a coupon workshop near you, you should go. It's really informative.