Wednesday, May 14, 2008

8 months old...where did the time go???

Samantha is 8 months old now...I can't hardly believe it!!

What's new with Samantha...
~Her eyes are still blue, and the Dr. believes that will most probably stay that way
~ She sits up very well
~She rolls everywhere she wants to go, and can pull her body around in order to roll the way she wants.
~She is very much a momma's girl and has some stranger anxiety
~She "talks" a lot
~She thinks her brother is super funny and very interesting
~She loves to be sung to

This is Jael and Samantha...they were born on the same day, so they're both 8 months old!


w & j's mommy said...

nothing like a cold water bottle to keep them busy! SWEET PICS! Where has the time gone???


Wow! What a cutie pie! She is adorable!

Justin & Gi said...

cutie patotie!
Smiles to ya and I know what you mean about time going by quickly...Katie is one already!
Smiles, Gi