Thursday, May 8, 2008

I'm wearing glubs!

James never ceases to make us laugh...even when we really shouldn't be laughing. For example, one night we had just put James to bed, and we could hear him in his room moving and talking to himself. Before going back there we called down the hall, "James, go to bed" to which we got the usual "uh-uh". So, I went back there to tuck him back in, and give instructions on staying in bed and why, and this is what I found....

I said (stifling a laugh), "James, what are you doing?"

James: "I'm wearing glubs (gloves) mommy, see?"

Me: "James, those are your socks...they need to be on your feet."

James: "No, they're glubs, see?" (displays that they're gloves by making pinching motions with them)

I couldn't take it...I just had to laugh!

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