Thursday, May 8, 2008

7 months old

These are pictures from 7 months old!
Things she can do:
~She can sit up without assistance
~Loves anything to play with, except her toys (notice the measuring cups in the picture)
~She makes a new face where she tucks in her bottom lip (pic below)
~She eats like a horse, but has not gained much weight...The Dr told me to put margarine in her rice cereal so she would have some fat intake!
~She loves to say "dada"


A + J said...

That sounds like Graham with the toys. He loves to play with anything that is not considered a baby toy. I find that he even holds onto them for longer periods of time.


w & j's mommy said...

Okay so here we sit...and look at these pics of your beautiful children....SO how is it that BOTH of them look just like Michelle? Was Andy a part of the offspring? In my case I have to promise people I was there....since W looks just like his daddy! I still am dreaming what Jay will look like! Remember I have a frame waiting for a pic of you and Burley holding lets plan that...are you coming the 1st wknd in August?

NotesbyNewsome said...

You know I should post a baby pic of Andy and myself...then you can REALLY see how much they look like me!

Heather said...

Michelle - she is so beautiful!! And James is getting to be such a little man! I love hearing about all the things he is saying!

Brianna said...

Samantha just gets prettier and prettier! What a sweet little girl!

Colligan's Corner said...

She is beautiful! :0) Oh my goodness!
Many, many blessings!

*both children are beautiful. You are so blessed!