Sunday, March 29, 2009

NO TV Monday

Being sick last week (all of us) caused us to watch lots of TV last week. I must say that I do think there are some really good kids programs out there, and that I believe watching them with your kids and talking to them about it does help teach them things (I'm so sure James learned shapes from us watching Sesame Street, b/c he would not sit for two seconds with the shapes book. Then we went to the peds and he could name them all! What?!?). However, there comes a point when too much is too much (If you know what I mean)! And because we were sick, we came to this point. So, I have challenged our family to a "NO TV Monday". That's it....there it is....the child cabinet locks are on the armoire....we'll see how this goes!!


Heather said...

I feel like we watch way too much TV as well. I've started trying to cut out Camryn's nightly TV show before bed and replace it with reading. Maybe I'll work on Jason next! :) Love the pic of you and Andy on your sidebar!

Anonymous said...

Good luck getting Jason to buy into that! haha
- Jason