Monday, March 30, 2009

Well, we did it...

We made it through "No TV Monday"! It is 11 PM, and the armoire has stayed closed all day long. So, what did we do all day with absolutely no TV? This morning we got up and ate our breakfast. The kids were more chatty than normal, so we talked for a little while. Then we played with our ABC flash cards. We sorted them, talked about the pictures and letters, sang the ABC song. After that, I called the pediatrician b/c both kids are exhibiting symptoms again of the virus we had last week. The peds nurse told me to watch them today and if they got worse, developed a fever, or still had it into Tues to call back (which I will have to do tomorrow, b/c 5 min ago James got sick again).

Where was I? Oh, TV day.....after the call to the peds, we ran to the bank and then to Kroger to pick up some more Gatorade/pedialite. Then we came home and ate lunch, and everyone took a nap (yes, I did too :o)). When I got up, I showered, checked a couple of blogs, e-mailed a couple of people, and then the kids woke-up. Once the kids were up, we worked on cleaning their rooms and the living room. I vacuumed and they ran around in circles like the vacuum was chasing them (they love playing that...of course I don't actually "chase" them, I just run the vacuum and they run in circles :o)). Andy got home and we ate dinner. I asked Andy if he missed the TV, and he said "actually I thought we were having great, no I don't miss it." After dinner, I worked on some laundry, Andy wrestled a little with the kids in the floor, and then they got out their blocks and we started building. We invented our own game of bowling....we stacked the blocks into a pyramid and then bowled them over with James' Lightning McQueen ball. We had so much fun! Samantha cheered, "go, go, go" and James would bowl and help me stack the blocks. Andy taught James how to roll the ball using both hands. Then suddenly I said "what time is it?" (I seriously thought we had been playing for 20 minutes, and was kinda wondering what we were going to do next) and Andy said, "It's 8:00!" We had played for an hour and a half with just blocks! So then it was bath time, story time, and bed time! The kids went all day without TV and literally James only asked once to watch it (I was so surprised he didn't cry when I said "no").

I really thought Andy and I would turn on the TV after the kids went to bed, but we didn't (go us!). At first Andy and I just sat and talked. I folded some more laundry, and then got on my computer. Andy got out a book and started reading, pausing every once and a while to share "good" parts of the book with me. Just before I wrote this at 10:45, I remembered that a new episode of House came on tonight and I asked Andy if he wanted to watch it. He looked at me surprised and said, "Are you testing me?" LOL. I told him no, I was just curious. I thought he would turn on the TV, but instead he just finished his reading. I think we might actually go to bed early!

"No TV day" was sooooo much easier than I thought it would be (and this is from a true TV junkie). I think it's definitely something we could do more of. Although Andy did say he's not ready for us to get rid of TV completely....good thing I didn't make that call to DirecTv earlier today and tell them to come haul this stuff away ;o).

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Amanda said...

Way to go, Michelle! I think we could all use a break from TV every once in a while (or perhaps more often). You've inspired me to do something similar!