Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Tomato plant is a diva

Well, technically only one of my plants is a diva. I have two plants and one is always acting up and the other is perfect! Two plants in the same pots, same soil, same location, but one has experienced blossom end rot and scorched leaves and who knows what next! I have come to terms that while the plant is still fighting to live right now that in the end it may not make it. After talking to my Pop (the tomato plant master), I realized that planting tomatoes does take some trial and error. He said, "Oh yeah, I had that happen years ago."

So, I'm not going to let myself be discouraged....even my Pop has experienced difficulty with his plants and had to learn what to do differently. I'm glad my plants have come this far, and I still have one that's in good condition. After all, I can't expect to be a growing expert right off the bat! Next year I'll know even better what to do! And if next year's plants go awry? Well, there has to be at least one diva in the group, right? :o)

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