Saturday, July 17, 2010

Night Owl

Samantha has become a night owl.

I really. honestly don't know how it happened.

She goes to bed normally at around 8:30 - 9:00 with absolutely no problems.

Lays her sweet little head down, goes to sleep, and stays asleep all night. (Aren't they so sweet when they sleep?)

NOT anymore! Suddenly my little sweet sleeper has started a new routine..... Oh, she still goes to bed at her normal time, BUT now she wakes up at around 2 AM (give or take an hour). Not only does she wake up at 2 AM.....she wakes up and declares, "I don't want to sleep! I not tired!"

And then she throws a fit!!! Finally, after the average 2-3 hours of convincing her she is tired, she falls back to sleep. (And YES I said 2-3 HOURS).

What happened to my sweet little sleeper? Where did she go and when will she come back??

Currently it's 12:50 AM. And my little sweetie is sitting at my feet working on a sticker book. I KNOW she should be in bed, but trust me....allowing her to do a sticker book is better than listening to her scream. Yes, I could let her scream (and she will probably be doing just that in another minute) but screaming wakes everyone in the house.....even the dog....who stares at me like "when will this end??" Trust me, Giz.....I'm ready for it to quit too!


w and js mommy said...

does she still nap? from what time to what time? I ask these because reading that made me have flashbacks from William at that age--we really had to cut the nap if it did not start prior to like say 1pm--and I NEVER let him sleep past 2:30 or 3pm if I did we paid BIG time for it. and so went the days of the good naps and we welcomed back in the long nighttime rests! Hope it gets better for you! I understand!

Michelle said...

Hey girl! She does still nap from around 1:30/2 till about 3:00/3:30. I guess it's just a shock to me b/c James did not drop his nap till shortly after he turned 4, and she's only 3 next month! My problem is if she doesn't take a nap, then by 5:30 she's falling asleep on the couch or on the floor...or she's crying for no reason. I'm not sure what's worse...being woken up at 2 AM or trying to make it through dinner with someone crying the whole time! LOL!