Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas 2010 (part two - SNOW)

On Christmas day we got an extra special treat this year.... a snowy, white Christmas! I can't remember exactly what the news said about how many years it had been since Georgia had seen a white Christmas, but I can tell you it was definitely a first for me! Here are some pictures from playing in the snow...
James being cute
Trying to catch snow flakes
Samantha is not so sure she likes the cold
Running in the yard
Samantha already cold and asking to go inside (she actually went inside with Andy for a few minutes, but when James didn't come in she wanted to come back out)
Giz isn't sure if he likes the snow either
But James is definitely loving it!
My handsome little man
I love this picture

The best part was catching on video how excited James was about the snow, and how NOT excited Samantha was...

When we came back inside, Samantha fell asleep in my lap. Absolutely a priceless moment, and a wonderful end to a wonderful day!

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w and js mommy said...

OHHH I love the last pic--still such a baby at heart! I love those moments--kinda goes with what we talked about babying Jay and S! LOVE IT--just want to bottle it up