Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas (part 3) and our new Art Easel

The day after Christmas we traveled to visit with our parents and share a few days with them. It had snowed on Christmas day and we were worried about the roads being messy and being able to travel, but thankfully the roads were completely clear when it was time for us to leave. We had a great time visiting with family and they blessed us with a lot of gifts!

Over at Mama and Papa's house:
Cousins (Samantha, Brianna, James, and Blake)
Samantha opening her puppy dog from Mama and Papa
Then we went to Gigi and Grandpa's house:
Me and My Nana
4 generations (My mom, Me, Samantha, and my Nana)

Gigi and Grandpa got the kiddos an art easel for Christmas. We put it together as soon as we got home, and even though it was time for bed they just had to draw on it a little. They were so cute playing on it. They absolutely love it!

They each can have a side!
James took to the chalk side first
A rainbow!
Samantha took to the white board/ paper side. Here she is "concentrating".
She is very only looks like she's scribbling back and forth, but really she carefully considers each mark!

The artists in action...

Thank you to all of our family who made this Christmas great!! We had such a good time being with our family, and we've really been enjoying all our gifts ....we could not have asked for a better Christmas!

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W and Js mommy said...

love the easel and the pic of generations!