Monday, January 28, 2008

From the beginning...

I am always "stealing" ideas from my friends blogs, and this blog is no exception. I just always want to be sure I give credit where credit is due!

I have a friend who blogs about her infant every month. She shows him in a birthday bib and tells of all that he is doing in his life at the moment. It's been so fun to watch him grow! And I thought maybe I should do a little something for Samantha to show you how she's changed. She is now five months old...and here are some picture from birth until now. :o)

2nd day home from the hospital
**Born on 8-22-07
**7 lbs. 13 oz. ~ 18 1/2 inches long

(I hate this picture of me, but it's the only one that shows how small she was)

Still a few days old...first pics with James
One month old
**Loves to swing and lay in her boppy

Two months old

**Smiling and Cooing

**Likes to be held and rocked

1st Halloween ~ 2 months

Three Months old

**Sleeps through the night ~ YEAH!

Four Months old ~ My first Christmas

**Started on cereal...I love it!

**Laughs at things

**She's ticklish like her brother!

Four and a half months old

**Loves chewing on her hand

**Likes to sit up so she can see everything

Five months

**Does not like to smile for the camera

**Prefers to be without clothes...which means she loves her bath!

**Gets really excited to see you peek over her crib in the morning

That's it! You're all caught up...hopefully I can remember to post her picture for 6 months!!

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Jackie said...

Thanks for giving me credit for your idea. Samantha seems like a sweet little girl.