Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Pablo Picasso

My son loves to color. In fact, we have to carefully monitor all writing utensils within the house. Recently he saw me writing on our dry erase board and wanted a try. So, I found an old picture frame with a plexiglass cover and a white background and let him draw on it with our oldest dry erase marker (Although I haven't taught in a school in over 2 years, I still have a fondness for my dry erase markers). I gave him his own paper towel and showed him how he could clean it himself and start over...of course this was an instant hit! With careful "stay on the board" instructions I let him go and color his heart out. I even got to do the dishes without him crawling in the dishwasher!!! He was busy coloring away, and I had put my toothbrush holder in the dishwasher, so what did I do? I thought, "he'll be fine for a moment while I go put this in the bathroom." I was gone for seconds, milli-seconds even. And what happened? Pablo Picasso saw an opportunity and went for the wall.

Sure, he looks innocent enough

This takes concentration

The evidence

A close-up of the artwork


Marie said...

Is it me or does it look like he wrote the letter J? Look at the lower right side of the artwork. He is a genius!! Of course we already knew that. :o)

NotesbyNewsome said...

I thought I saw the letter "B" and "J" in there too but then I thought maybe it was just because I was his mom. :o)