Thursday, July 30, 2009

Vacation, part 2

As you can see from vacation, part 1, we had an awesome time at the Baltimore Aquarium. On Sunday we were supposed to go into DC, but by then James and Samantha had a fever and we decided it best just to stay in and rest. I really really wish we would've gone into DC, but I know the rest did the kids well and I would've felt awful had they gotten sick in DC. Next time, DC is definitely a must!! So instead, Denise and I took a trip to Joann's and I picked up some "learning to crochet" stuff. (I'm currently working on a blanket, and I got another book to learn how to make those adorable hair clips I bought for Samantha...but that's another post!)

On Monday, Andy went golfing with my Dad and brother, Daniel. They had a great time! They also all 3 played Tiger Woods on the Wii (which is as entertaining to watch as it is to play). Denise and I took the kids (who were feeling much better) out to the pool. They had a blast, and I sooooo wish I would've taken my camera down to the pool! Their pool has a very large kids area where the water is only about a foot and a half deep. At one point James and Samantha had the whole thing to themselves! James was playfully following Samantha and she fell in the water, face down of course! Denise said she had never seen a person move as fast as I moved to lift her out of the water! Ha! I was impressed that when I picked her up that she had actually held her breath and did not cough at all! However, after that she did decide she'd had enough of the water...LOL.

We also took the kids out to the playground in their neighborhood. They had the place to themselves and had a great time climbing and sliding!
Being a cutie
Two peas in a pod...

Being a brave climber

This one's my favorite

I love playgrounds!

I hated that James arm turned out blurry in this shot...they're expressions totally speak to their relationship! So sweet!
Where you go, I go.

Thank you Dad and Denise for taking care of us! We all had so much fun!

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