Thursday, July 30, 2009

Vacation, part 1

For vacation this year we trekked up to Maryland to visit my dad, Jim, and his wife, Denise. We broke-up the trip for the sake of the kids and I was so glad we did! On our way up we stopped for a night with the Barndt's in Wake Forest, NC. Samantha got sick in the car 5 min before their house! Upon pulling over immediately and jumping out of the car, we found that she also had a fever. (This led into her having a virus for about 4 days....of course she'd have a virus on vacation...why not??) Thank you Barndt family for hosting us!! The visit was much too short, but we very much appreciated a place to rest and of course the awesome company. (I CANNOT believe I didn't take any pictures!!!)

The next day we headed the rest of the way to Maryland. We learned that Samantha does not enjoy long car rides, and 4 to 4 1/2 hours is when she's just about had enough! On Saturday we headed out to the aquarium. Thanks so much Denise for getting the tickets to the aquarium and the dolphin show...the kids were amazed!

Samantha playing with Denise's phone at Panera

While we didn't go in ESPN zone, Andy wanted a picture that we walked by it. can take the boy away from his TV, but you can't get the ESPN out of his system!

The aquarium

Samantha playing with Pop-pop

Waiting to get in the aquarium

Thumbs up...ready to go!

Me and my sweety

Here fishy fishy fishy!

James with a whale bone
Samantha and Pop-pop in the tropical area
James and I waiting for the dolphin show to start

Samantha watching the show

Hello sweet dolphin!

James and Pop pop watching the show

A really high jump!

Andy and James in the Inner Harbor

Sweet kisses in the Inner Harbor

To be continued....

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