Friday, July 31, 2009

Learning to sew

Within the last several months I have learned how to sew. I learned from a friend who was from the Czech Republic. She and her husband ended up having to move back and she offered her machine for me to buy (for a great deal! It's cheaper for her to buy a new machine there than it would be for her to buy power adapters for the one she sold me). I accepted her offer, she taught me some basics, and I was on my way! I started out making small pillows for both of the kids, and then I started buying patterns. I bought a very simple pattern for a dress for Samantha. I think it turned out well....

The dress
It's a little big so she'll probably get to wear it next year! (And she's not fussing, she's squinting!)

See? Squinting.
Jael and Samantha. Heather made Jael's dress in the opposite colors that I made Samantha's. Yeah, they were pretty cute...and they knew it!

I've made lots more stuff since this dress, but I'm going to keep you in suspense!! :o)

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Brianna said...

That's awesome! You're doing a great job!