Monday, September 17, 2007

Where do you go, small socks?

While organizing my daughter's dresser, I became frustrated by where the small socks and headbands should go. With my son, socks floated everywhere. I would be like, "where did all of his socks go?!? Oh, they're hiding under the PJ's". Well, I finally found a solution for those sneaky, small socks, and it even involves recycling!! At my daughter's shower, I received lots of tubs of baby wipes. I didn't want to throw the tubs away, so instead I found households uses for them. It turns out they fit perfectly into drawers, and are wonderful for holding small socks!! I simply popped the top off (for easy access) and placed them in the drawers. The tubs are also fabulous for blocks, crayons, small car toys....the possibilities are endless! Here are my pictures of my daughter's drawer:

There is no escape for the small socks now!

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Heather said...

Ha ha!! I did the same thing! Before Camryn was born, someone gave us a small gift basket with a onesie, booties, bib, etc., in it, and I put it in Camryn's drawer for her socks. Great Mommy-minds must think alike! Love the blog!