Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Memories with Pop

This past weekend I went to visit my mom in SC. My Pop (my mom's dad) has a garden in the back of my mom's house. He grows all sorts of stuff back there....tomatoes, squash, bell peppers, and he's always trying something new too. He's an expert at growing things, and he has a home remedy for ANY gardening situation. He once told me that in order to keep ants of your plants all you need to do is put something sticky all over the stem. Unfortunately, I don't think I got his green thumb. In fact, if you saw my plants right now, you would think I had lit them on fire and let them burn to a crisp. Of course we have been going through a drought and our area is on severe water restrictions, but enough of me making excuses for myself...So, while hope is scarce for me, perhaps there's a chance for my son. Below are some pictures of James "assisting" Pop in the garden. To me these pictures are priceless because I know there will come a day when Pop is not with us anymore. When that day comes, I know James will be glad to have these pictures to remind him how much his Pop cared about him.

And perhaps there's hope that my son will one day cut the grass for his parents!

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