Sunday, September 23, 2007

James' top ten

I got this idea from a friend's blog and thought it was cute! These are James' current top ten words (things I hear about ALL day long!):

1. "CARS"

This is mostly in reference to "Cars" the Disney movie..."Cars" has made going to Wal-mart absolutely horrible (b/c the Cars merchandise is everywhere), and it has contributed to many a break down.

2. "Baby Sisser"

He loves saying "Hi Baby" and trying to give her her paci.

3. "Elmo"

Is there a child who's not obsessed with him?

4. "Hold me"

This is in reference to something he wants to hold, not to you holding him.

5. "wee"

Also known as "please". He knows to use this whenever he wants something, and thinks that when it's used the answer should be a guaranteed "yes"...after all, he did say "please".

6. "Potty"

Loves to say it and sit on it, but I feel we are far from USING it!

7. "CD"

What can I say? My husband is a MUSIC minister.

8. "Gi-Gi"

This is my mom...sometimes I think he loves her more than me, but Gi-Gi also gives him whatever he wants so why wouldn't he like that more?

9. "Ree"

This is in reference to reading a book.

10. "Opi"

This one took us a long time to figure out because for the longest time we thought he was saying "A bee" (which he was obsessed with for a while). Then, we realized he was saying "open". So, we were trying to teach him to say "o-pen", and I starting saying it really slowly..."O-PEN" and he just looked straight at me and said "O-PI". What can we say? It's cute...and you don't hear anyone in high school saying "opi" instead of "open"...of course you never know, my son might have just created the new "buzz word"...LOL

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