Monday, September 17, 2007

How many adults does it take to wash a baby?

I love giving babies a bath. I love the smell of the "calming nighttime" bath wash (and actually had considered once or twice bathing in it myself). Well, after waiting what seemed like forever for Sam's "bellybutton stump" to fall off, Samantha was finally able to take her first real bath! Of course pictures had to be taken to mark the occasion.

Hold me tight Daddy!

What in the world are they doing to me?

Andy had the job of holding her, while I washed and took pictures. For me, it's hard to bathe her without assistance. I mean how can you hold their head and slippery little bodies while washing under their arms and in their neck folds? It'll be easier once she has head control, and much easier when she gets to be James' age and you can just say "OK, raise your arms...good job!" Although James is extremely ticklish on his neck and it's still hard to wash there!!

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