Monday, October 1, 2007

My funny little boy

James is at a wonderful and challenging age right now. He is funny and frustrating all at the same time. Some days he is the best little boy on earth, and other days...well, let's just say there are "other" days... :o) What can I say? He is the epitome of a little boy. He loves running and climbing, he loves football and tackling his daddy, he loves getting into things. In fact, just today he learned a whole new trick! He has a firetruck push/riding toy, and he realized that if he pushed it into the kitchen next to the counter that he can almost reach things on the counter.

Well, What really happened was that earlier while Sam was sleeping we had gone outside to do sidewalk chalk. I had the monitor with me, and I notified James that we would have to go inside when baby sister woke up. So, of course when the time came to put the "colors" (as he calls them) away, he didn't want to and started whining/ fake crying. We then picked up the "colors" and went inside where I put the chalk on the kitchen counter (I should have put them in the cabinet where they belong, but I was hurrying to get Sam b/c I knew she needed to eat and she'd already been crying for a few minutes). Anyways, later on James was pushing his truck all through the house as he normally does, when suddenly there was silence (never a good sign with a toddler).

So, I called for him. "James..."

No response.

"James, where are you?"

Still no response.

Get up, put down Sam (who's now asleep), and go searching for son.

I find him in the kitchen standing on the firetruck, reaching for the chalk bucket. He looks at me, points at the chalk, and says, "colors, wee (please)" I hurry over to him and take him down off the truck. We have a small talk about how standing on the firetruck is dangerous and he could hurt himself. He seems totally uninterested in our talk and totally interested in finding a new way to reach the colors. Such is life...

Well, then I had to go to the grocery store when Andy got home. I quickly fed Sam and left Andy with both children...his first time pulling double duty alone. However, our laundry room is on the way to the garage, so I stopped to check the bathroom rug that had just finished in the dryer. It was still mildly damp, but not wet enough to run the dryer again so I took it out and laid it over one of my laundry baskets so it could air out (It's way to heavy to hang). Then I officially left for the store. I came home to find this....

James had figured out how to climb into the basket (which is almost taller than he is), and was sitting on top of the bathroom rug that was supposed to be drying! Upon seeing him I said, "Andy, are you watching your son?"

Andy: "Yes"

Me: "Do you know what he's doing?"

Andy: "I know he's around the corner where I can't see him and he's been quiet"

Me: "In the future when he's quiet, that probably means he's doing something he shouldn't and he needs to be checked on"

That's our little boy! Always keeping us on our toes!! Here are some more pictures of him at snack time with his favorite snack, cheerios and milk.

Showing me where the cheerios go.

Trying to show me the cheerio in his mouth

How can you not love this face?

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What a sweetie!