Monday, October 22, 2007

Just another Sunday Afternoon

We had a wonderful Sunday last weekend...I caught some priceless pictures that I knew I just had to share!

All smiles!
So Happy
"I Baby," James says while playing in his sister's carrier.
We were getting ready to go back to church, and this is how James helped Sam get ready. It was so cute to see him place her bow on her sweet little head!

We talked with Gi-Gi and Grandpa this past Sunday, and James got upset when we had to hang-up the phone. To make saying "good-bye" easier I promised him some ice cream. Then I found out we didn't have ice cream so I had to substitute a cookie. The following pic is to prove to my parents that I do occasionally give James a treat!
Sam and I in our "Sunday Dress"...we matched!
In her blue-jean jumper...notice her "sock shoes", they're socks that look like shoes. They're too cute!


Krista said...

Oh these pictures are SO sweet. What a precious family!!

Justin & Gi said...

Oh your babies are precious!
L, Gi