Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Slinging my baby....I made it myself!

Samantha enjoys being held, and frankly I like holding her. I mean when I look at James and see how quickly he's grown up...how he's such a little man now, and rarely lets me hold him....then how can I not spend all the moments I can enjoying holding my child?? I know people say it spoils them..."all they'll want to do is be held"...but as my mom says, "You don't see anyone in college still asking for their mom to hold them" (and she's been right about many things in my life, so I trust her words). Also, Samantha doesn't mind not being held much during the day, but at night it seems like that is her time to be held and cuddled.
Well, I never purchased a sling with James, and I had never done any research on them either. Then, recently I have gotten into reading a blog that is done by friends of mine called Prayer of Hannah (it's on my links list). This past week they did a section on slings, and Leah taught us about different types of slings (what they are, pros and cons, etc.). She also pointed us to her other blog where she demonstrates how to make your own. It's so awesome because when you start pricing slings, you realize you can drop a lot of money on these crafty pieces of fabric. I had been looking at hotslings which are upwards of $50.00 or more! (And that's a lot of money for me!) So, I went to Leah's website (http://www.slingyourbaby.blogspot.com/) and she had recently posted a no-sew sling! Well, since sewing is not on my list of skills, this was perfect for me!!! I followed her instructions and ta-da, I made my own sling! Now this may not seem like a big deal because the instructions are soooo easy, but when you consider that I was able to make a sling for $10.00 that is like the ones that cost $35.00+ ....I was so excited!!! I even made Andy take pictures!!!!

So, here I am hands free!! I was even able to do the dishes while holding my sweet baby (and I mean dishes by hand), and she even fell asleep by the time I was finished!

Thanks for the blog, girls, and thanks for the sling instructions, Leah! Ya'll are awesome!


Krista said...

Yeah!! That is so awesome! Way to go! I think your mom is right - hold them close as long and as much as you can because they do grow up SO fast. I'm glad you like the Prayer of Hannah blog!

Leah said...

Michelle - way to go! I LOVE, LOVE the color of your wrap too! What a snuggly little girl - precious!

A + J said...

Your wrap looks great and Sam looks so comfortable. I made a pouch sling for Graham before he was born and after he used it once the material stretched out too much for him to use it. I guess it all goes back to him weighing so much at birth :) I've been using a ring sling that I got from the sharing shop instead.


Brianna said...

Hey Michelle! It's Brianna Castleberry, remember me?! I saw the link to your blog from Jackie's and thought I'd visit! James has grown up so much! And Samantha is gorgeous!! Congrats! I just wanted to let you know that since I'm expecting our second baby in March I've been looking around for ways to make my own sling! Your blog came just at the right time! I'm so excited to try it myself! Check out my blog I just started: castleberrytales.blogspot.com
Talk to ya later!!

B. Parrott said...

Hey! I love your sling and the pics of James and Sam. So wonderful to get an update on your life! Please tell Gizmo that Reggie says HEY. We love y'all and miss you.