Friday, October 12, 2007

Water, Water Everywhere but not a drop to drink??

The Atlanta area has really been struggling this year with drought issues. Of course my friend who's lived here all her life said they've had "drought issues" for the past 12 years! What gives??? Atlanta has two major lakes that feed it's water supply. Lake Lanier is the one that is closest to us, and the one that has been hardest hit this year with the intense heat and lack of rain. Well, the girl on the radio reported this morning that Lake Lanier only has enough water left in it to supply Atlanta for the next 121 days....what?!?!? Yes, you read right....121 DAYS! Okay so I mean this just didn't happen overnight...has the water board been sleeping? Now the Atl area is on a total water restriction - no watering at all - period. Even the Atl Braves got in trouble for watering their fields (they thought they were exempt b/c they're a business and they use recycled and storm water). And they're thinking of imposing very strict water usage guidelines, like you can't even put your house on the market to sell unless it's been inspected and passed for water conserving appliances. If you don't have these appliances, then you cannot put your house on the market. They have also proposed closing businesses that use large amounts of water. Great, so let's throw out the economy with the water!

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